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Success stories

Under Success Stories, case studies and best practices are captured to demonstrate community initiatives.


Innovations highlight clean and appropriate technologies that have implications at global as well as local level.

Information bank

Information Bank is a collation of bibliographic details of information resources such as Government documents; research papers; policy briefs; reports; policies, acts and notifications.


News section provides details of recent developments in the field of sustainable development.

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Title Location Theme Source Date of publication
Information Bank
102 Water Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation: a practitioner's guide to adaptation technologies for increased water sector resilience. 2017
Global Carbon Atlas 2017
Yearbook of Global Climate Action 2017 Climate change 2017
Safeguarding development and limiting vulnerability: India's stakes in the Paris Agreement India Climate change Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 8(2) 2017
Does technology diffusion help to reduce emission intensity? Evidence from organized manufacturing and agriculture in India India Climate change,Poverty & livelihoods Resource and Energy Economics 48 2017
Modelling of groundwater recharge potential from irrigated paddy field under changing climate India Climate change,Natural resources Paddy Water Environ 15 2017
Gender and climate change Climate change,Poverty & livelihoods Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change 8(2) 2017
Projected health effects of realistic dietary changes to address freshwater constraints in India: a modelling study India Health,Natural resources The Lancet Planetary Health 1(1) 2017
The Global E-waste Monitor 2017: quantities, flows, and resources Waste management 2017
Indian Forest (Amendment) Bill. 2017 Natural resources 2017
State of Environment Report Telangana 2015 India Poverty & livelihoods,Natural resources,Waste management 2017
The interconnection between Sustainable Development Goals and the climate change negotiations: The Paris Agreement case Climate change,Energy,Natural resources Alternatif Politika 2017
Forest Preservation in a Changing Climate: REDD+ and Indigenous and Community Rights in Indonesia and Tanzania Natural resources 2017
Socially Responsible Business: A Model for A Sustainable Future, Studies in Trade, Investment and Innovation No. 88 Poverty & livelihoods,Sustainable infrastructure,Natural resources 2017
Asia-Pacific Progress in Sustainable Energy: A Global Tracking Framework 2017 Regional Assessment Report Energy 2017
Can renewable energy jobs help reduce poverty in India? India Poverty & livelihoods,Energy 2017
Water Neutral Electricity Production in India: Avoiding the Unmanageable India Energy,Natural resources December 2016
Climate Change Knows No Borders: An analysis of climate induced migration, protection gaps and need for solidarity in South Asia Climate change December 2016
Ecosystems Service Improvement Project: Environment and Social Management Framework and Tribal Development Framework Poverty & livelihoods,Natural resources December 2016
Assessing the Risks of Climate Change Climate change November 2016