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Success stories

Under Success Stories, case studies and best practices are captured to demonstrate community initiatives.


Innovations highlight clean and appropriate technologies that have implications at global as well as local level.

Information bank

Information Bank is a collation of bibliographic details of information resources such as Government documents; research papers; policy briefs; reports; policies, acts and notifications.


News section provides details of recent developments in the field of sustainable development.

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Title Location Theme Source Date of publication
Information Bank
Global Gender and Environment Outlook Poverty & livelihoods,Natural resources 2016
Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015: How are the world’s forests changing? Natural resources 2016
World Health Statistics 2016: Monitoring health for the SDGs Health,Natural resources 2016
Global Bioenergy Statistics 2016 Energy 2016
Adaptation to climate change requires transformative policies Climate change 2016
Loss and Damage Livelihood Resilience Climate change,Poverty & livelihoods 2016
Gujarat Small Hydel Policy 2016 India Energy 2016
Gujarat Waste to Energy Policy 2016 India Energy 2016
Facilitating linkage of climate policies through the Paris outcome Climate change Climate Policy 16(8) 2016
Energy research within the UNFCCC: a proposal to guard against ongoing climate-deadlock Climate change,Energy Climate Policy 16(6) 2016
A district level assessment of vulnerability of Indian agriculture to climate change India Climate change,Poverty & livelihoods Current Science 110 (10) 2016
India's energy–climate dilemma: The pursuit for renewable energy guided by existing climate change policies India Climate change,Energy Journal of Earth Science & Climatic Change 7(8) 2016
Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Addressing Unfinished Agenda and Strengthening Sustainable Development and Partnership India Climate change,Poverty & livelihoods,Health,Natural resources Indian Journal of Community Medicine 41 (1) 2016
Transportation Energy Data Book 2016 Energy,Sustainable infrastructure 2016
The Water Report 2016 Natural resources 2016
Enviro Monitor Climate change,Health,Natural resources,Waste management December 2015
Enviro Monitor Climate change,Health,Natural resources,Waste management November 2015
Financing Sanitation For the Poor: Household level financing to address the sanitation gap in India Natural resources November 2015
Enviro Monitor Climate change,Natural resources,Waste management October 2015
Global Waste Management Outlook 2015 Waste management September 2015