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Success stories

Under Success Stories, case studies and best practices are captured to demonstrate community initiatives.


Innovations highlight clean and appropriate technologies that have implications at global as well as local level.

Information bank

Information Bank is a collation of bibliographic details of information resources such as Government documents; research papers; policy briefs; reports; policies, acts and notifications.


News section provides details of recent developments in the field of sustainable development.

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Title Location Theme Source Date of publication
Information Bank
Assessment of legislation and practices for the sustainable management of waste electrical and electronic equipment in India India Waste management October 2017
Geothermal power: Technology brief Energy September 2017
Synergies between renewable energy and energy efficiency Energy August 2017
Planning for Adaptation in Bangladesh: Past, Present and Future Bangladesh Climate change August 2017
A review of studies on green building assessment methods by comparative analysis Sustainable infrastructure Energy and Buildings (146) July 2017
Ecological footprint and real income: Panel data evidence from the 27 highest emitting countries Natural resources Ecological Indicators (77) June 2017
The concept of sustainable chemistry: Key drivers for the transition towards sustainable development Natural resources Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy (5) June 2017
Energy recovery from waste in India: An evidence-based analysis India Energy,Waste management Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments (21) June 2017
100 GW solar power in India by 2022 – A critical review India Energy Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 73 June 2017
Strategy paper on resource efficiency India Natural resources June 2017
Strategy Paper on Resource Efficiency India Natural resources June 2017
GREENING THE GRID: Pathways to Integrate 175 Gigawatts of Renewable Energy into India’s Electric Grid India Energy June 2017
Enhanced Transparency Framework in the Paris Agreement - Perspective of Parties Climate change May 2017
Estimation of pyrogenic carbon emissions from forests of Sikkim Himalaya, India: a geoinformatics approach India Climate change,Natural resources Current Science 112 (9) May 2017
Solar energy deployment for sustainable future of India: Hybrid SWOC-AHP analysis Energy Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 72 May 2017
Unfit to Breathe II: Air Quality and Pollution Levels in Chennai City India Health,Natural resources May 2017
Ocean Atlas: Understanding the threats to our marine ecosystems Natural resources May 2017
Rural development program in tribal region: A protocol for adaptation and addressing climate change vulnerability India Climate change,Poverty & livelihoods Journal of Rural Studies 51 April 2017
The association between ambient fine particulate air pollution and lung cancer incidence: Results from the AHSMOG-2 study Health,Natural resources Environmental Health Perspectives 125(3) March 2017
Towards a comprehensive approach to climate policy, sustainable infrastructure, and finance Climate change,Sustainable infrastructure G-20 Insights March 2017