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Under Success Stories, case studies and best practices are captured to demonstrate community initiatives.


Innovations highlight clean and appropriate technologies that have implications at global as well as local level.

Information bank

Information Bank is a collation of bibliographic details of information resources such as Government documents; research papers; policy briefs; reports; policies, acts and notifications.


News section provides details of recent developments in the field of sustainable development.

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Title Location Theme Source Date of publication
Climate reality check: Global carbon pollution up in 2018 Climate change Business Standard 6 December 2018
Among Himalayan states, Assam and Mizoram face the biggest climate threat India Climate change Hindustan Times 5 December 2018
Action plan to rejuvenate 201 waterbodies in Delhi prepared India Natural resources The Hindu 28 November 2018
Greenhouse gas levels in atmosphere hit new high: UN Climate change,Sustainable infrastructure,Natural resources Mint 22 November 2018
Wetlands visited by migratory birds identified in conservation push India Natural resources The Hindustan Times 21 November 2018
Items of everyday use could push up indoor pollution, say studies Health,Natural resources The Hindustan Times 20 November 2018
Delhiites’ life expectancy reduced by 10 years due to pollution: report India Poverty & livelihoods,Health,Natural resources The Hindu 20 November 2018
Report sees climate risk from rise in Indian AC units India Climate change,Sustainable infrastructure,Natural resources The Hindu 12 November 2018
Four international agencies to join govt’s effort to tackle air pollution in 102 cities India Climate change,Energy,Health,Natural resources The Economic Times 9 November 2018
Rising Indian Ocean temperature puts habitation at risk: Experts India Climate change,Natural resources The Financial Express 9 November 2018
Air quality turns ‘severe’ as Delhi decks up for Diwali India Health,Natural resources Mint 6 November 2018
WWF report: ‘Huge impact of human activity, 60 per cent fall in wildlife population’ Climate change,Poverty & livelihoods,Health,Natural resources The Indian Express 31 October 2018
Andhra government to implement Energy Conservation Building Code India Energy,Sustainable infrastructure,Natural resources The Indian Express 22 October 2018
Transport sector biggest pollution contributor: SAFAR India Poverty & livelihoods,Health,Natural resources The Pioneer 22 October 2018
'Year of extremes' for shrinking Swiss glaciers in 2018: study Climate change,Natural resources The Times of India 16 October 2018
Vehicular emissions in NCR rose 40% in 8 years India Climate change,Energy,Health,Natural resources Mint 16 October 2018
Cabinet nod to merger of skill development bodies India Poverty & livelihoods,Sustainable infrastructure Mint 11 October 2018
Govt. sets water flow target for river Ganga India Poverty & livelihoods,Sustainable infrastructure,Natural resources The Hindu 11 October 2018
India lost $79.5 billion due to climate-related disasters in last 20 years: UN India Climate change,Poverty & livelihoods,Natural resources Mint 10 October 2018
UN  body sets CO2 emission cap to limit climate change catastrophe India Climate change,Energy,Natural resources Mint 9 October 2018