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Title: BioOrja: Biowaste-to-energy reactor
Organization:GPS Renewables
Source:GPS Renewables

BioOrja is a biowaste-to-energy reactor, which takes in biowaste and produces bioCNG and digested slurry as a byproduct that can be used as manure. The bioCNG can be directly used for cooking and thus help save on commercial LPG expenses. Alternately, the bioCNG can be used for generating electricity. The bioreactor is at least 7 times smaller than standard biogas plants and requires 8 to10 times less base area.


Outcome/Benefits: The technology employs a dry fermentation technique and utilizes the inherent moisture present in kitchen waste for the water-dependent stages of biomethanation, thus avoiding any additional need for water for the digestion process. The bioreactor has been designed in such a way that all of the high (procurement or fabrication) lead time items (which would be done in a made-to-stock fashion in the centralized factory as the firm grows) form only a fraction of the cost of the bioreactor.

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