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Title: Solar food processing technology
Source:Society for Energy, Environment & Development

The solar food processing technology is based on the integration of food science and technology such as pre-treatments and adding chemicals and additives for high quality products, adding preservatives for long shelf life, for the better retention of minerals and vitamins of the food products and with fast, hygienic, clean and safe solar drying of the product. The solar cabinet dryer employs a novel and unique innovative technology that is highly efficient concept of forced circulation using solar photovoltaic energy.


Outcome/Benefits: The drying rate is synchronized with variable speed of solar fan, depending on the intensity of solar radiation and these regulate the moisture in the product. A special filter called blue filter is provided to cut off UV radiation and thus reduce the solar intensity for the process, to simulate the condition of the shade drying of the product for better retention of vitamins and minerals. Quality assurance and control is ensured with all the tests such as physico-chemical analysis, nutritional parameters, microbial analysis and sensory properties, conducted in SEED laboratories on all the products. It operates at zero energy cost and creates income generation and employment of the small farmers and women.

Commercially tested: Yes

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