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Title: Water Neutral Electricity Production in India: Avoiding the Unmanageable
Author:Tayal S, Grover S
Date:December 2016

Indian power sector is dominated by coal based thermal power plants, constituting 87% of total installed capacity of 200.7 Gigawatt (GW), as on 31st January 2016. In India, production of coal has increased by 7.5 times and production of electricity has increased by 13 times since 1970-71. Furthermore, Niti Aayog projects that the total installed capacity for electricity generation in the country will range from 300-700 GW by 2047 under different policy initiative scenarios. Considering the practicality of implementation, even with best of efforts to diversify the fuel and technology mix in the power generation sector, India would continue to rely heavily on coal based electricity generation, accounting for atleast 50-60% of the total capacity.

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