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Title: 100 GW solar power in India by 2022 – A critical review
Author:Hairat M K and Ghosh S
Source:Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 73
Date:June 2017

The study raises concerns on capacity addition targets based on large scale thin-film solar power plants, their economic feasibility and its repercussions on the grid and the environment. It concludes that India's ambitious solar program based on imported cells, modules and other equipments would increase India's energy import dependence and, thereby, jeopardize its energy security. The current study, based on empirical evidences, advocates for revamping state-wise solar capacity addition targets based on solar energy potentials. It also advocates for greater emphasis on CSP technologies and decentralized applications of solar power. India must create a robust domestic manufacturing base for solar cells, modules and other supporting equipments for self-reliance. The study finally campaigns for all supply and demand side options to bridge the burgeoning demand-supply gap of electricity