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Title: Climate change: untreated sewage major contributor
Source:The Indian Express
Date:25 July 2017

Millions of litres of untreated sewage water that enters water bodies in Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana not only contaminates the water or soil but also releases huge amounts of GHG (greenhouse gases) methane and nitrous oxide, which cause climate change, into the atmosphere. A study of the data at Nallacheruvu STP in Hyderabad by researchers from the University of Colorado, University of Minnesota and Humboldt State University in collaboration with International Water Management Institute points out that treating sewage water will help in cutting down GHG emissions drastically. The researchers found that after sewage is treated in an STP, methane emission is reduced to 219 milligrams of carbon dioxide equivalent per litre (mgCO2 Eq/l) from 643 mgCO2 Eq/l when sewage was not treated. Similarly, nitrous oxide emissions were seen to decrease from 187 mgCO2 Eq/l to 47 mgCO2 Eq/l.

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