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Title: Water purification technology
Organization:National Chemical Laboratory
Source:Membrane Filters

The National Chemical Laboratory, CSIR has developed a polymer to produce an ultra-filtration membrane. This membrane with minimal hydrostatic pressure can filter out any surface water and can make it free of any microbiological and viral contamination. This was extensively tested at various laboratories including the prestigious National Institute of Virology. Membrane Filters (I) Pvt Ltd has licensed this membrane technology from CSIR and developed various types of safe drinking water filters for households and institutions. The ultra-filtration membrane is being marketed under the brand name ‘Purioin’.

Outcome/Benefits: The ultra-filtration membrane has immense potential in rural and disaster-prone areas. A unique aspect of the ultra-filtration membrane is that not only does it clean the water of all suspended particulate matter and bacteria, it also gets rid of harmful viruses. The membrane technology does not depend on electricity, unlike other water filters. It can be used in remote rural areas as well as disaster zones where safe drinking water is not easily accessible.

Commercially tested: Yes

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