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Title: Wind auction guidelines set minimum plant size at 25 mw
Source:The Economic Times
Date:12 December 2017

A wind energy project secured through auctions should have a minimum size of 25 MW if it supplies power to one state and 50 MW if it supplies to more than one state, say the guidelines for wind auctions. Wind energy projects should have a minimum capacity utilisation factor (CUF) of 22% and will be penalised if they fall below that mark. If the CUF is higher than specified in the bid document, the excess power will be paid for by the buyer at 75% of the tariff decided, according to the guidelines issued by the power ministry. Wind developers must indicate the location of their projects in their applications and show evidence within seven months of the signing of the power purchase agreements (PPAs) that they have actually acquired full rights for 25 years to all the land they will need to set up their projects, the guidelines said.

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