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Title: Scientists call for sea change as oceans gasp for oxygen
Source:The Times of India
Date:4 January 2018

Depleting oxygen levels in the oceans and coastal waters have worried scientists, who are looking at addressing the causes and arresting its decline. A team of scientists from GO2NE (Global Ocean Oxygen Network) in a study, 'Declining oxygen in the global ocean and coastal waters', have proposed various measures to tackle the falling oxygen levels. The aim of the study is to keep oxygen levels in check, protect vulnerable marine life and improve low oxygen in water in an attempt to counter the spread of dead zones in the ocean. The scientists want people to start by adopting better sanitation systems that can protect human health and keep pollution out of the water. Also, curbing fossil fuel emissions will help cut greenhouse gases and slash dangerous air pollutants such as mercury, they said. Further, the scientists want to create marine-protected areas or no-catch zones in locations that are used by animals to escape low oxygen.

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