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Title: Tea growers seek help to fight climate change
Source:The Hindu
Date:25 January 2018

The tea industry wants the Centre to help it fight climate change, which is affecting crop output. The common ground between the large estates and small tea growers now an emerging force in the Indian tea industry seems to be the incentives they are seeking to support the farm practices that have become necessary to combat climate change. Small tea-growers, who have begun carving out an increasing share in India’s total crop, are urging the Centre to adopt a more farm-centric approach one which would assist a majority among them, who grow tea on less than an acre. As erratic climate continues to affect output, the industry’s focus is on creating irrigation facilities and on replanting the older tea bushes. Almost 38% of the area under cultivation comprises tea bushes which are more than 50 years old. While the younger 10 year old bushes cover 26% of the area, about 9-10% each fall in the intervening decadal categories spanning 11-50 years. The age of a bush is directly linked with yield.

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