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Title: Enhanced acidification and methanation technology
Source:The Energy and Resources Institute

Tackling mounting waste (produced as a result of growing urbanization and industrialization) has been one of the biggest civic concerns in modern times. TERI’s research culminated in the development of a high-rate digester for fibrous and semi-solid organic waste. The TEAM (TERI’s Enhanced Acidification and Methanation) technology can turn organic waste dumps into resource centres and tremendously ease the burden on cities, towns, and even villages. The technology has been put to use in the waste treatment plant in TERI’s sustainable habitat campus in Gurgaon, Haryana. The plant has been generating good-quality biogas and manure from organic wastes since the year 2000.

Outcome/Benefits: The TEAM process completely eliminates engineering problems such as scum formation, floating of feed material (it leads to incomplete digestion, blocking of inlet and outlet pipes, and difficulty in feed flow, which are common in small-scale plants. The process is better than the conventional single-phase reactors primarily due to low retention time with high treatment efficiency. Maintenance and operations are easy because there is no need for mixing and slurry preparation. Also, the process uses less water as it recycles treated liquefied waste for further extraction. On the socio-economic front, the TEAM process generates employment; it is enterprise-friendly and suitable for small-scale units.

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