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Title: 90% of Delhi in critical zone as groundwater level dips
Source:The Times of India
Date:9 May 2018

The capital, already facing a severe drinking water shortage, is heading towards a more serious situation as the level of groundwater, continuously depleting in the last two decades, has resulted in 90% of the city being categorised as semi-critical or critical. Presenting a dismal picture, the Central Ground Water Board told the Supreme Court on Tuesday that the water level has been decreasing from 0.5 metre to over 2 metres per year at different places in Delhi and could lead to a crisis if not halted. Compiling data on groundwater levels from year 2,000 onwards, the board in its report said water levels at all its 20 monitoring stations have seen a steady decline with areas around Chhatarpur, Dwarka and the President’s Estate hit the worst.

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