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Title: PM2.5 levels rising in proportion to stubble burning, finds Nasa study
Source:The Times of India
Date:13 May 2018

A new study by Nasa scientists has concluded that there is a strong link between agricultural fires in Punjab and Haryana and PM2.5 levels in Delhi during the post-monsoon months of October and November. PM2.5 concentrations in Delhi, which is downwind to Punjab and Haryana, show a coherent increase rising often from as low as 50 micrograms per cubic metres (µg/ m3) before the onset of the burning season to 300µg/m3 at the beginning of November when burning is under way.During the crop burning season of 2016, the seven-day average peaked to a record high of 550µg/m3. This could also explain the severe smog episode in November 2016 when PM2.5 concentration peaked to more than 700µg/ m3 on November 5, 2016.