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Title: Air pollution reduces average life expectancy in India by five years
Date:29 July 2020

Pollution is the greatest risk to human life, more so in India than in any other country, and will remain so in the post-covid world. A quarter of India’s population is exposed to pollution levels not seen in any other country, according to data released by AQLI, a tool developed by the EPIC (Energy Policy Institute of The University of Chicago). An average Indian’s life is cut short by more than five years, relative to what it would be if the WHO (World Health Organization) guideline was met, the data showed. AQLI, which looks at the impact of particulate air pollution on life expectancy, said particulate pollution in India has increased by 42% in the last two decades and was the greatest risk to human health before covid-19. It will remain the greatest risk after covid-19, it said.

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