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Title: India's 20% ethanol blending target advanced, new biofuel policy approved: 10 points
Date:18 May 2022

To drive Biofuels output and growth ahead, the Union Cabinet on 18 May 2022 approved the amendments to the National Policy. Among the amendments, the Centre has okayed allowing more feedstocks for biofuels productions and also plans to advance the ethanol blending target in petrol. Cabinet approved the new amendments in a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi on 18 May 2022. The amendments were made to the National Policy on Biofuels that came in 2018. Taking into consideration the advancements in the field of Biofuels, several decisions have been taken in the National Biofuel Coordination Committee (NBCC) meetings to raise biofuel production, recommendation of the Standing Committee, and the decision to advance to introduce of Ethanol Blended Petrol with up to 20% ethanol throughout the country from April 1, 2023. Following this, amendments are done to the National Policy on Biofuels.

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