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Title: Nanonutrients for environment remediation and agriculture productivity
Organization:Nualgi Nanobiotech
Source:T Sampath Kumar, Nualgi Nanobiotech

Nualgi Nanobiotech has developed, patented and commercially launched nano nutrients and are exporting to 15 countries including USA. ‘Nualgi Lakes” is useful to clean up all polluted water bodies and “Nualgi foliar spray” is useful to boost agricultural production at low costs.

All micronutrients required for plant growth are loaded on nano silica and are available as a stable liquid dispersion. When added to water it boosts growth of diatom algae. This algae absorbs carbon dioxide (CO2) and produces food and pure oxygen (O2) under water by photosynthesis. The food produced triggers the growth of zooplankton that filters and feeds on the water and cleans it. Even mosquito larvae are eaten up. The zooplanktons are soon consumed by fish. The growth of this marine food chain helps in cleaning up sewage polluted waters by providing oxygen to aerobic bacteria to break down organics.

Toxicity test using nanonutrients

Figure: Toxicity text

Outcome/Benefits: When Nualgi Foliar Spray is sprayed on to the leaf top, all the nutrients are absorbed and efficiency of the photosynthetic process, is boosted. New leaves become dark green, bigger with a shine and the plant growth and yield is higher and faster. Tolerance to drought and extremities of the weather is enhanced and there is greater resistance to pest attack since sugars produced are converted to adenosine tri phosphate (ATP) and transported. Several hundreds of farmers in Hassan district, Karnataka, have grown crops like ginger, cabbage, potatoes, coffee, pepper, banana, cucumber, tomato etc with nil/minimal fertilizers and no pesticides.

Commercially tested: Yes

Patent Details: US Patent No. 7585893 dated 8 September 2009; Indian Patent No. 209364 dated 27 August 2007

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