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Title: Assembly U-factor Calculator
Organization:Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy
Source:Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy, CEPT University

U-Factor (also known as U-Value, Thermal Transmittance, Overall coefficient of hat transfer) is the `heat transmission in unit time through unit area of material or construction and the boundary air films, induced by unit temperature difference between the environments in each side’ (ASHRAE 2007).

Centre for Advanced Research in Building Science and Energy at CEPT University has developed a wall and roof construction thermal transmittance or thermal conductance (U-Factor) calculator. The values derived by the tool are specific for the city. Thermal properties of materials used by the tool are derived by extensive characterization of generic construction materials available in various parts of India at the centre. The tool, freely accessible online, will provide ample help to architects, MEP consultants, green building consultants, students and researchers in their line of work.

Outcome/Benefits: Architects can compare different materials as well as assemblies to take an informed decision about the choice of materials and assemblies. Architects, green building consultants and clients can ensure that the material assemblies selected for walls and roof meet the requirements of the ECBC code and green building rating system like GRIHA. The Materials Testing Lab at the Centre has collected and tested large number of samples of Indian building materials. This database is used for U-Factor calculation in this tool.

Commercially tested: Yes

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