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Title: A new approach increases efficiency in energy and water use in Vizianagram
Organization:USAID and Government of Andhra Pradesh

Challenge: Indian cities and towns are facing the challenges of direct access to clean, affordable and reliable drinking water, often because of inadequate and inefficient supply systems. Only a fraction of the urban population has direct access to clean water. Water supply in the southern city of Vizianagaram in Andhra Pradesh, is inefficient and waste is high. Water is supplied only once in three days in poorer parts of the city causing water and sanitation-related diseases. This indeed is a serious problem.

Initiative: In partnership with the state government of Andhra Pradesh, USAID helped launch Watergy, one successful approach to resolving these challenges. Watergy works to increase energy efficiency for water pumping. With a more efficient process, cities can optimize energy use, reduce water waste and ultimately improve water services. The government is to promote the concept throughout the state and demonstrate that it works.

Outcome/Benefits: Vizianagaram municipality has already put 80 percent of the proposed energy savings measures into practice. The city now saves more than 100 megawatt-hours of energy and $63,700 annually — slashing its energy costs by 18 percent and eliminating 600 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The measures have also reduced water waste through more effective supply and distribution. Feedback: According to local officials, the energy cost savings frees up money for other needed urban services.

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