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Title: The concept of sustainable chemistry: Key drivers for the transition towards sustainable development
Author:Blum C, Bunke D, Hungsberg M, Roelofs E, Joas S, Joas R, Blepp M, Stolzenberg H-Ca
Source:Sustainable Chemistry and Pharmacy (5)
Date:June 2017

To achieve and safeguard the chemicals management “2020 goal” of least possible adverse effects, we need broad and global transformation to a sustainable chemistry, which can provide the most adequate solutions contributing to sustainable development as set out in the Agenda 2030. As a basis for effective progress, a common understanding is required of sustainable chemistry, of its scope, characteristic elements, and specific objectives, as well are guidelines requisite for influencing the speed and direction of this complex and encompassing transformation. This article aims at stimulating this transition process towards a sustainable chemical sector by proposing “100 words for sustainable chemistry”, objectives and guiding principles as well as actions steps towards the further implementation of sustainable chemistry.

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