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Title: TERI’s ‘NDC Footprints’ maps synergies between SDGs and NDCs
Source:IISD Reporting Services
Date:27 July 2017

Climate change and development are unavoidably intertwined, yet there is a need for greater engagement among the different ministries working on these two issues. TERI has released an online tool to help bridge this gap through mapping the complementarities between countries’ national climate plans and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). TERI’s web app, titled ‘NDC Footprints,’ helps to bridge the knowledge gap between climate and development policies and goals. The tool is part of a project titled, ‘Developing Country Participation in Addressing Climate Change: Policy Instruments for Achieving NDCs.’ It aims to allow policymakers to design developmental policies that have climate co-benefits, and vice-versa.

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