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Title: Only 1,334 MW of solar rooftops installed: CSE
Source:The Indian Express
Date:22 January 2019

Though India has an ambitious plan for solar rooftop of 40 gigawatt capacity by 2022, the CSE (Centre for Science and Environment) on 21 January 2019 said that “till November 2018 only 1,334 megawatt of grid-connected solar rooftop systems had been installed.” “Solar rooftop has failed to make any headway in the current market which is skewed towards large-scale renewable energy,” the CSE report ‘The State of Renewable Energy in India 2019’ has said. “Also, the preference has been for commercial and industrial installations – residential consumers, who hold immense potential, account for less than 20 per cent of the total installed capacity,” the report states.

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