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Title: Climate Change hotspot: MIT study explains why Mediterranean region will witness unique climate trend
Source:The Financial Express
Date:18 June 2020

MIT study finds why the Mediterranean region is a hotspot for climate change! A study by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has examined why the Mediterranean region is a hotspot for climate change and found that even with different climate models, the outcome is that within the next few decades, the region would be significantly drier, the institute has said in a statement. The precipitation in the region is likely to reduce by up to 40% during the winter rainy season, the statement added. The analysis by the team of researchers has revealed the underlying conditions which cause such anomalous effects in this region, especially northwest Africa and the Middle East. It added that the analysis could help in bettering the models, adding certainty to their projections, which would significantly impact the agriculture and water resource management in the region.

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