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Title: Indians want more clean air solutions, laws when covid-19 pandemic subsides
Date:17 June 2020

Findings from a recent survey across five countries, including India, show that people are well aware of the health complications related to air pollution and its links to covid-19. The nationwide lockdown implemented due to the covid-19 pandemic has had a significant effect on India’s air quality. In April, Nasa satellite sensors had recorded aerosol levels at a 20-year low in northern India a region heavily marred by pollution due to seasonal stubble burning. Reduced anthropogenic activities due to the lockdown was a big reason behind this phenomenon. Reduced traffic levels and industrial activity have had similar effects on air quality around the world. But the worry is that air quality will deteriorate again when economies start opening up and lockdowns are completely lifted across different parts of the world. Now findings from a recent survey show that at least two-thirds of citizens in five countries, including India, want stricter laws and enforcement to tackle air pollution when the covid-19 crisis subsides.

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