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Title: Lockdown impact: 51% report complete loss of income, reveals study
Source:The Hindustan Times
Date:20 August 2020

A joint study, titled Qualitative Assessment of Impact of Covid-19 on Migrant Workers and Their Families in Bihar, conducted by Unicef and DMI (Development Management Institute), Patna, reveals that reverse migration of more than 21 lakh migrant workers due to job losses and uncertainty has caused unprecedented hardships and devastating consequences for migrant labourers and their families, according to Dr Urvashi Kaushik, social policy specialist, Unicef in Bihar. Though the sample size for the study was less than 2,000, the findings are an eye-opener. Nearly 51% of the migrants surveyed reported complete loss of income, while 30% reported major reduction of income. Only 7% of the migrants surveyed said there was no impact on their income.

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