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Title: 70% of sewage treatment plants did not meet norms in last one year: Govt data
Source:The Pioneer
Date:1 November 2021

On an average, 24 out of the 35 sewage treatment plants in the national Capital did not meet the prescribed standards for wastewater over the last one year, according to Government data. Delhi generates around 720 million gallons wastewater a day. The 35 STPs located at 20 locations across Delhi can treat up to 597 MGD of sewage and have been utilising around 90 percent of their capacity. According to the Delhi Pollution Control Committee, biological oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS) and total nitrogen in the treated wastewater should be 10 milligrams per litre or less. Chemical oxygen demand (COD) should be less than 50 mg per litre, and ammoniacal nitrogen and phosphate should be below five mg per litre and two mg per litre, respectively.

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