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Title: Fish found off Mumbai coast contains microplastics: Study
Source:The Times of India
Date:7 March 2022

CIFE’s research, recently published by the renowned Elsevier journal, is based on a survey along Mumbai’s coastline in 2019- 20. It found that the GI tract and gills of croaker fish had microplastics (MPs) less than 100 micron in size. "Bioaccumulation of MPs in the fish might impart risk to higher trophic animals. MPs recovered were analysed for size, morphology, colour, and polymer type. The microplastics having a size of <100 µm consisting of beads were found to be most predominant," said the abstract of the research paper. The study had sought to establish the intensity of microplastic pollution in demersal species or bottom-feeders found in the north-eastern coastal waters of the Arabian sea. According to the study, the microplastics found in fish tissue were predominantly black and blue in colour and posed a carcinogenic risk to consumers and organisms in the food chain.

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