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Title: Cookstove technology
Source:The Energy and Resources Institute

TERI felt the need to utilize the forced draft (using fan to inject air into the combustion chamber) micro--‐gasification technology to develop an improved biomass cookstove. After two years of intensive research, field--‐testing and customization TERI has developed a single port metal stove that can cater to cooking requirements of a family of up to 7 members. Fuel wood, agriculture residue and cattle dung cake can be used as fuel for this stove. The power charger has dual charging mode (AC/ grid power supply and solar power supply) to cater to households in unelectrified areas.


Outcome/Benefits: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IITD) has tested the stove and certified that it has passed all applicable government performance benchmarks. IITD has reported that the stove has combustion efficiency of 98.8% thereby reducing particulate matter emission (per unit of energy delivered) and carbon monoxide by 72% and 80% respectively comparison to a traditional mud stove. As it has high (~37%) thermal efficiency, the stove also reduces fuel consumption by 54% vis-a-vis mud stove that leads to lesser drudgery for women/ children in terms of fuel collection and processing. For users, there Is also additional benefit of faster cooking and less blackening of vessels.

Commercially tested: Yes

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