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Title: On-site Measurement Analysis: “Customer” WWTP
Author:Jonas Lauridsen

The objective of this analysis is to study the potential energy savings by replacing the existing aeration system at “CUSTOMER” WWTP (Waste Water Treatment Plant), with an energy efficient solution from Siemens.

The analysis is based on measurements acquired at “CUSTOMER” WWTP. These measurements are utilized to determine the actual performance and operational area of the existing aeration system. An estimate of the potential energy savings is obtained by a comparison of a Siemens turbo-blower solution designed for “CUSTOMER” WWTP and the measured performance of the existing system.

Outcome/Benefits: The Siemens blower solution is designed to perform in the same operational range as the present aeration system. Since the basin diffusers and the main header remain unchanged, the same discharge pressure will be needed. However increasing the flow by e.g. 20% will induce more pressure loss in the pipes, which will require a slightly larger discharge pressure.

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