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Title: Brahmaputra Community Radio Station: Empowering people
Organization:Brahmaputra Community Radio Station

Brahmaputra Community Radio Station started in 2009 with the training and capacity building of local enthusiastic community members. It is run by representatives of local communities from tea garden, island and other mainland villages. The station initially produced radio programs in five different language and dialects - Assamese, Bhojpuri, Mishing (indigenous tribes Mishing community dialect), Bodo and Chadri (tea garden community dialect).

Outcome/Benefits: From its inception, the radio station has been producing radio programmes to generate awareness about the community radio station through narrowcasting of produced programmes in village level communities. Presently, Radio Brahmaputra is doing its test broadcasting in its own frequency 90.4 MHz regularly (Monday-Saturday) daily 10 hours (9 AM-7 PM) in three different language and dialects (Assamese, Chadri and Bhojpuri) and biweekly in Mishing and Bodo covering the vast range of issues of the communities with local folk songs. From March 2014, the radio station has started test broadcasting of various radio programmes in various formats such as talk shows, musical shows, drama, documentaries and live programming covering health, education, livelihood, agriculture, local culture and custom etc in the five different languages and dialects covering the most deprived communities from the island population, tea garden population and mainland village communities. The radio station covers a total population of about 2.5 lakh. .

[Source. Mr Bhaskar Jyoti Bhuyan, Station Coordinator, Radio Brahmaputra 90.4 FM]