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Title: Covid pandemic significantly impacted climate change efforts: WHO
Source:The Statesman
Date:9 November 2021

Covid-19 pandemic has slowed down climate change efforts by various countries, according to the 2021 WHO health and climate change global survey report released on 8 November 2021. The report is based on a survey conducted every three years, and was published at the ongoing COP26 UN climate conference in Glasgow. In the 2021 survey, 95 countries took part. It showed that while countries have begun to prioritise health in their efforts to protect people from the impact of climate change, only about a quarter were fully able to implement their national health and climate change plans or strategies. More than half of countries (52 per cent) reported that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on their work to protect health from climate change, as the countries had to divert health personnel and resources.

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