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Title: 64% of even non-farm jobs informal in 2020-21: Survey
Source:The Times of India
Date:17 June 2022

Only 6.3% of males from rural areas worked as legislators, senior officials and managers while 3.2% women from rural backgrounds figured among such occupations, the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS) for 2020-21 have shown. In urban areas it was 18.1% for males and 12.2% for females. In the category of professionals, 1.9% was from rural areas for males. For females it was a higher share at 3.2%. The annual PLFS report covers both rural and urban areas whereas the quarterly bulletin is for urban centres. The PLFS report provides a glimpse into the jobs situation, working conditions and remunerations across rural and urban centres. It was launched in 2017 as part of efforts to get a better sense of the job situation and provide reliable and timely data.

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