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Under Success Stories, case studies and best practices are captured to demonstrate community initiatives.


Innovations highlight clean and appropriate technologies that have implications at global as well as local level.

Information bank

Information Bank is a collation of bibliographic details of information resources such as Government documents; research papers; policy briefs; reports; policies, acts and notifications.


News section provides details of recent developments in the field of sustainable development.

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Title Location Theme Source Date of publication
Firm incubated in IIT-Madras spreads light to remote Indian villages India Poverty & livelihoods,Energy The Indian Express 17 January 2019
Himachal to prepare baseline data of high altitude eco-system under SECURE India Poverty & livelihoods The Times of India 17 January 2019
Climate change may aggravate rural poverty Poverty & livelihoods,Natural resources Mint 16 January 2019
Centre pumps in over Rs 6000 crore in MGNREGS scheme Poverty & livelihoods The Hindustan Times 16 January 2019
2018 could be the warmest year on record for oceans: Study Climate change,Natural resources Mint 14 January 2019
An open-air lab to study effects of climate change Climate change,Natural resources The Hindu 14 January 2019
Health is wealth, literally. How cycling can give GDP a boost India Health,Sustainable infrastructure,Natural resources The Times of India 14 January 2019
Migration doesn’t change rural societies: study India Poverty & livelihoods Mint 13 January 2019
Karnataka government clears suburban rail project, Metro to airport India Sustainable infrastructure The Times of India 11 January 2019
Govt launches mission to fight air pollution India The Hindu 10 January 2019
‘66 of 97 towns along Ganga have at least one drain flowing into river India Poverty & livelihoods,Sustainable infrastructure,Natural resources,Waste management The Indian Express 10 January 2019
93% of Delhiites do not understand what Air Quality Index means, shows survey India Health,Natural resources The Hindu 10 January 2019
What are you smoking: study to monitor pollutants on the ground India Health,Natural resources The Times of India 7 January 2019
West Bengal tribals battling food scarcity: study India The Hindu 6 January 2019
Buildings will have to allot 20% parking space for EV charging: Govt India Energy,Sustainable infrastructure The Economic Times 6 January 2019
Nafed to set up 100 bio-CNG plants via PPP with Rs 5,000-cr investment India Energy,Natural resources The Times of India 5 January 2019
Ujjwala expands LPG coverage from 55% to 90% of households India The Times of India 3 January 2019
96% households get electricity connections India Poverty & livelihoods,Energy The Economic Times 1 January 2019
Environment ministry framed key policies, dealt with controversies in 2018 India Climate change,Natural resources The Financial Express 1 January 2019
Climate change threatens kisan Climate change,Poverty & livelihoods,Natural resources The Pioneer 31 December 2018