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Dr Keryn Gedan Lecturer in Conservation Biology, University of Maryland, USA

Ms Mona Yew Director, China Demand-side Management and Energy Efficiency Project

Dr Ugyen Tshewang Secretary, National Environment Commission Secretariat, Royal Government of Bhutan

Prof. Michael Porter Research Professor of Public Policy, Centre for Regional and Rural Futures, Deakin University, Australia

Ms Helen Mountford Deputy Director, OECD

Mr Warren Evans Senior Adviser, Sustainable Development Network, The World Bank, USA

Dr Kandeh K Yumkella Director-General, United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Ms Helen Mountford

Deputy Director, OECD

The key is to produce food efficiently and reduce wastage

In this interview to `Terragreen', Ms Helen Mountford observes that a major challenge facing the globe is to eradicate hunger and poverty. Food production is, therefore, going to be a critical factor.