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Health is intrinsically linked to the environment though it is seldom perceived in this sense.


Viewing the environment through the perspective of public health would present to us the myriad ways in which our surroundings affect our well-being. Our environment is infused with a diverse group of pollutants that are known or suspected, with sufficient exposure to be associated with adverse health effects including cancer, damage to the immune, neurologic, reproductive, developmental, or respiratory systems, or other health problems. An association between exposure and health effects has been reported in laboratory animals and also in human subjects through epidemiologic studies.


Be it the built environment in our neighbourhood or a quarry in a far-flung area, each has an impact on health — some more intense, more easy to identify than others. A large population is at risk today — from infants in homes with traditional stoves to workers at gas stations as well as people living close to busy roads and industrial clusters. The evidence keeps growing and action becomes imperative.


Technologies which can contain the effect, control the impact or eliminate the changes are at times available and at other times these need to be developed. Often, we need environmental guidelines and at other times we need enforcement.


How so ever we may wish, violations would show up. An aware and alert public may be at times the only tool for enforcing a constant vigil in order to maintain the delicate balance that nature has blessed us with.